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 remix abandonware?

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PostSubject: remix abandonware?   Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:27 am

It was almost too good to be true. An Ubuntu version with all the necessary stuff pre-installed. And it actually works great, except the fact I have to manually configure my twin head setup every time I boot up. Remix doesnt remember it´ s desktop layout and setup.
Bummer. And since noone replies to my topic, I guess I am still left with good old unsupported 10.10.

Ofcourse I do not expect a reply on my questions immediately. But I work with Ubuntu professionally on a daily basis. An upgrade to a supported OS is way overdue. I would be more than willing to even donate to make something possible. But getting no answer at all, is not very hopefull to me.

The point of making a "remix" OS, should be easy of use and easy installment. But not being a hacker at all, I cannot figure out how to set it up. Or even how to install the latest nvidia drivers (which it wont let me).

Just too bad.
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remix abandonware?
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